Trillium Lake

What could be better than floating in bright blue water with an awesome view of Mt.  Hood?  Trillium Lake is one of my favorite places to hang out in Oregon.  I went for the first time last summer with my giant floating donut and a ton of friends.  We staked out a place on the shore to play frisbee and then floated on the lake drinking beer for a couple hours.

Trillium Lake 2017

Floating on a donut ~ summer of 2017

This year I took a more athletic approach and brought my boyfriend and two inflatable kayaks.  Kayaking around the lake was awesome.  I got so many comments on the inflatable kayak.  I have the Intex Challenger which I bought on Amazon for $55, including the kayak, a manual pump, and an oar.  I am not sponsored by Intex, but I have convinced so many people to buy them that I should be!  (Just a tip, if you are going to drink beer in your kayak, do not spill!  My bf and I both spilled beer and thought we cleaned out the kayaks before deflating, but when we used them a month later, we were greeted with the horrible smell of stale beer.)


Upgraded to kayaks ~ summer of 2018

Trillium Lake is great for kayaking because boats with motors are not allowed so you will not be waked.  If I had a stand-up paddle-board I would love to take it here too!  Swimming in the lake is fun too because the water is quite warm.

Trillium Lake

My boyfriend enjoying the view of Mt. Hood

Want to add other adventures to your lake trip?  There is a campground on the lake but it is very popular and fills up fast.  If you want to camp, Salmon River Campground and Still Creek Campground are pretty close.  There is also a very easy hike around Trillium Lake that is only about a mile round trip but has great views of the Mountain and goes over some boardwalks on swampy areas.  Some close-by hikes that I like are Umbrella Falls (see my last post) and Mirror Lake to Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain.

“Time wasted at the lake is time well spent”

Quick Facts:

  • Need NW Forest Pass or $5 daily fee
  • 7 miles from base of Mt. Hood
  • Mile long hike around lake


  • Beautiful view of Mt. Hood
  • Great for kayaking, rafting, floating, swimming, etc.


  • Gets extremely crowded
  • Limited campsites

The Journey Begins


Thank you for stumbling across my brand spankin’ new blog.  A year ago, I started an Instagram account to keep track of my many hikes in the PNW.  I had so many photos and stories, and keeping them all in my head and iPhoto library was not gonna cut it anymore.  I figured, if I’m going to catalogue my adventures, I might as well share it with the world.  Well it turns out, people like learning about all the fun they can have here in Oregon and Washington.  Instagram captions are pretty small, and I have a lot to say, so here I am world.  Follow me for photos and information about hiking, kayaking, and general exploration (as well as other random thoughts) and please reach out to say hi if you’re so inclined.

Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure ~ Albus Dumbledore


Trillium Lake ~ my favorite place to kayak and eat entire bags of bbq chips on the shore